22 Fabulous Farmhouse Mantel Decorating Ideas

Fabulous Farmhouse Mantel Decorating Ideas (15)

These farmhouse looking stockings would be simple to make, even in the event that you don’t typically sew a good deal. This easy mantle is actually so pretty! Then add in some metallic furnishings, and accent pieces in the event that you can.

22 Beautiful Farmhouse Mantel Decorating Ideas

Paint a red stripe, or you’re able to use red duct tape if you would like. So then I began thinking about planks. My blanket ladder is among my favorite home decor items. There are lots of things you can do by yourself or merely repurpose or recycle the previous items around the home to find this rustic and relaxing feel you would like for your farmhouse.

With Spring comes the justification to bring out all of the floral decors. This metallic feeder becomes dressed up with some evergreen twigs, clay pots, and a couple votive candles, which makes it a stunning centerpiece. Frequently, the most eye-catching mantel displays are generated by the backdrop. I believe I was never certain what things to put there. But this was again harder than I predicted. It doesn’t need to be fancy.


  1. Love love love the old window frames. Only thing is that I can’t seem to find any info regarding the window preparation before using one in your house. Do you clean and sand or just use as you find them?

  2. Am just try share inspirational photos maybe if you’d like. Thanks

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