Home Architecture Plan: How to Apply Cavern Clay Color Trend 2019

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Sherwin-Williams color of the year of 2019 suitable for home architecture plan is called Cavern Clay. This color trend is simply adorable with the warm terracotta and wide opportunities of decorations. This Cavern Clay look seems beautiful paired with the muted colors, such as pink, blue and tan.

This color trend refers to the American Southwestern, which brings the meaning of simplicity and free-spirited. Applying the Cavern Clay is believed to enlighten the entire room with the suitable accent colors and lighting. For the furniture, we are coming back for all types of wood or natural surfaces.

Home Architecture Plan: How to Apply Cavern Clay Color Trend 2019

Courtesy of swcolorforecast.com

Once you decide to apply this Cavern Clay color trend, take some notes as follow:

  • This color is the most suitable as the backdrop for porch decor or door wreath. Since Cavern Clay color resembles a classic and warm hue.
  • To avoid making mistakes or you are doubt applying this color on every wall, the ceiling must be the perfect choice. It is possible to create a statement on the dining room or a foyer.
  • Cavern Clay is perfect for every trend. So, don’t listen to anyone claiming this will not fit to modern trend.
  • Another option is by bringing this Cavern Clay to your kitchen to enlighten the ambiance with its bold color.

This is not the first time Sherwin-William is bringing this color as a trend in the home architecture plan. Each year, Sherwin-William always give such a forecast of the upcoming color trend, completed with the story and palette.

So, we welcome you the 2019 palette colors by Sherwin-William:

The Shapeshifter Palette

This is an answer for the pastel lovers who are confusing how to mix this and match that until getting the color representing “you”. This palette is combining the subtle pastels with the deep dark blues.

The Wanderer Palette

This palette is the fusion of natural artworks and materials, such as the worn leather, baked clay canyons and the woven wool blankets.

The Aficionado Palette

This is about the accent colors, such as blue charcoal, grandiose gold, and so on. You can add the gold and copper decorations together with the dark grey accessories to create elegant hue.

The Enthusiast Palette

This palette features the vivid colors to boost lots of energy and uniqueness.

The Naturalist Palette

In 2019, the natural color is made to avoid boredom effect. This palette includes the fresh green, floral pink, and other following natural colors.

The Raconteur Palette

This one resembles the combination of past and present.

Have you decide which one is the most suitable for your home?

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